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Lesson 2: Deep Abs Muscle Stimulation fundamentals

What Makes Abs Muscles Grow Rapidly And More Importantly What Does Not

If you review your last lesson you know already the most effective way to develop your abs is not though long, grueling, painful workouts and not through traditional at routines like situps, Roman chair etc…

So what is it?

Well before I get to that's need to understand just what makes at muscles grow and what doesn’t.  There are a few stumbling blocks that you’ve got to be aware of…

First and foremost:  The ‘burn’ so many fitness gurus talk about…

Has nothing to do with muscle growth!

All that means is that you're actually burning your muscles with too much lactic acid (and that’s not necessarily a good thing).

So going for the ‘burn’ doesn't mean you stimulated muscle grow okay.

Let me say that again because it pretty damn important!

Going for the burn in your training doesn't mean you stimulated muscle growth!

In fact it's very misleading.  You can burn the shit out of your muscles with ultra high reps still stimulate absolutely no muscle grow.

This is a secret most fitness gurus just don't get.  So forget about the burn okay.

Number 2 major pitfall to avoid:

Going for the ‘pump’ most guru’s also tell you about doesn't mean you stimulated abs muscle growth either!

The ‘pump’ means only one thing… the muscles have become engorged with blood.  It means you stressed your muscles in such a way that they require more blood. Some blood rushes to the muscle giving you that pumped feeling.

And you know what, all that blood rushing to the muscles makes them look larger…

… but don't be fooled. It goes away just as soon as the blood has a chance to a balance itself throughout your body.

Here's another dirty little secret most fitness gurus are clueless about…

The exercise/training style and gives the most pump stimulates the least muscle growth!

In fact the deepest muscle fiber stimulating exercises give you very little pump feeling and even less burn.  The ‘pump’ feeling will mislead you into thinking you stimulated muscle growth when you have not.

So just what the hell makes abs muscles grow in the least amount of time?

To understand that he got understand just how muscle works.

Well here it is in a nutshell…

Muscles breakdown into to three primary components…

  1. The muscle fibers (they do the actual work)
  2. The vascular system or blood vessels that feed the muscles and remove waste products.
  3. The nervous system or network of nerves that stimulate the muscles to contract.

So it breaks down like this…

The brain sends a signal to the nerves and carried to the muscles causing them to contract. This contraction uses ‘fuel’ and causes waste products to build up.

The tubes that feed the muscle (i.e. the blood vessels, the capillaries, and the lymph system) send fuel to the muscle fibers and remove the waste.

So here's what happens when you stress (exercise) your ab muscles (depending on how you stressed them)…

  1. The to tubes (muscular vascular system) get bigger so they can handle more blood and lymph fluid.
  2. The nerves get stronger so they can carry more “juice”.
  3. The muscle fibers get bigger (atrophy) so they can handle more tension.

So you are thinking you know all the so for…

Well not so fast…

What kind of stimulus creates the greatest amount of abdominal muscle growth?  I mean think about it… really…

Does doing a thousand situps stimulates muscle growth?

Nope, not really… what that stimulates is the vascular tubes feeding the muscle fiber, not muscle fiber growth.

What about just one sit up?

Does that stimulate growth of the abdominal muscles?

Well not really.


Because it's likely your muscles already can handle that. So they don't need to adapt.  Unless you're really out of shape (if you are no worries, it’s not where you are at but where you’re your going that matters).

So just what stimulates abdominal muscle growth?

Well, to understand that you’ve got understand... continue →

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