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Secrets to a sexy 6 pack in only seconds a day
Lesson 1: Abdominal Training Myths and Training Pitfalls You MUST Avoid

Cutting Through The Brainwashing, Dispelling The Myths, Freeing Your Mind So You Can Finely Enjoy The Results You Deserve From Your Abdominal Training…

Listen up, there's a lot pure crap advice out there when it comes to abs training.  And even more crap and total garbage what comes to the tons of abdominal training devices and gimmicks you find so many ‘fitness gurus’ promoting.

How I know?

Because for years I fell for all that crap!  And after much effort only got so-so results… that is until I made a simple discovery that transformed my midsection forever. What was it?

We’ll get to that so stay with me.

So I know what I'm talking about here based on direct experience.

Myth Number 1
Special equipment, device, or gadget, is what it takes to get a six pack abs fast.

That’s total and complete garbage!

I can say it any stronger, that’s the most stinky of garbage.  The people telling you this are all selling something.  I bet dimes to dollars they don't even believe in the crap they sell.  Hell, I bet my grandma's wedding dress they don't even use it. They probably never used it.  They don't care, just as long as you by it.

The truth is it you need no equipment.  You need no stupid gadget. You can get far better, far faster results using specialized training your about to learn about you ever could using those silly gadgets.

The awful truth is these gadgets are actually limiting your progress.  In fact some are even messing with your body's natural biomechanics and causing you harm.

You don’t need those stupid gadgets to get the sexy six pack that men and women drool over.

The only reason you don't hear that is because there's much, much more money to made selling you those stupid abs gadgets.

Don't fall for any longer.

Myth Number 2
It takes nothing short of long, grueling, painful abs workouts routines to get six pack abs.

Oh God did I ever fall for this one! I mean for years I train this way…

… extremely high fatigue…

… extremely high intensity…

… burning the shit out of my abs like a hot spicy Mexican meal on its way out sphincter… if you know what I mean!

And my results after all that pain were so-so at best.

Using a special twist on a single discovery I now train only a few seconds (without pain) and I enjoy far better results than all those years of suffering through those dreaded, grueling, painful abs workouts.

In fact here's a shocker I found out later…

… those long, grueling, high fatigue workouts can actually hinder muscle development.  Yes, shocking but true!


Well all cover that so stay with me.

Bottom line… forget the “burn”, forget the “pump”… they have nothing to do with abs muscle growth.

You don't need to suffer through those dreaded, torturous workouts to enjoy jaw dropping six pack abs.

Myth Number 3
Endless situps, knee ups, leg lifts, and/or Roman chair exercises are what it takes to get six pack abs…

Yep, I fell for this one to…

The truth is most those traditional abs exercises don't even target the abs.  Sure the abs play a role… but the abdominal muscles in many of these exercises are responsible for 10% or less of the move…

Shocking but true!

The hip flexors are the primary movers in most these exercises. (Which is a very bad thing for your lower back.  More about how to avoid that ticking time bomb in a moment).

You need to avoid like a nudist would avoid a mosquito nest traditional abs exercises.  Not only do they not target the abs but also they will cause you lower back problems.  It's only a matter of time.  So don't fall for it.

Myth Number 4
Abs training will give me a six pack.

OK I don't want to burst your bubble.  But you know I’ll give it to you straight. The truth is all the abs training in the world (even the highly effective, highly specialized training I’m about teach you) won't give you six pack abs.

Sorry but I've got put it to you straight.

The only way you’re going to enjoy those six pack, job dropping abs that make men and women drool is if you combine two things.

What are they?

  1. Strong, developed ab muscles…
  2. Ultra low body fat..

Without low body fat those sexy, developed ab muscles of yours…

…Will never show!

They'll be hiding under a layer of ugly fat.  And if that's not enough here's more bad news…

Maintaining low body fat using traditional methods aint easy…

... unless…

…you know this secrets!

Yep, here's another dirty little secret…

… all those abs you see in the magazines, well they probably don't enjoy them year-round.  In fact it's likely they spent weeks to months on a specialized body fat cutting routine to get that look…

But here the problem…

Unless you know this one secret it's extremely hard to maintain that kind of a low body fat without losing muscle.

But there is a secret to effortless, long-term, ultra low body fat without the loss of even an once of precious muscle you work so hard to develop.

You want in know what the secret is?

Well then stay tuned… better yet sign up for my free newsletter.  I'll notify you when I released it.

So there you go, some good news some bad news and some in between.  But no matter what the news it is know I’ll always give it to you straight regardless of who it may piss off OK.

So now that you’ve enjoyed a little of my very special abdominals training de-hypnotizing let's get to the nuts and bolts of just what it takes to enjoyed job dropping, sexy abs that make guys and girls drool.

And how you can do it training only seconds a day…

First when you cover the fundamentals of just what it takes to make a muscle grow rapidly and most importantly what doesn't make a muscle grow.

Then we need to cover the fundamentals of abs anatomy and training.

And then it show time.  What you gotta do… where the rubber meets the road, how to make it happen… and all that…

Next up…

Just what makes abs muscles strong and powerful anyway (anatomy of effective muscle building).  Click here to continue →

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