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Lesson 3: Deep Abs Muscle Stimulation Fundamentals

The all or nothing principle of muscle fiber recruitment…

What the hell is that?

Here's how it breaks down.  Your abdominals have thousands and thousands of muscle fibers.  Any time you can contract the abdominals some (but not all) of these fibers ‘fire’ or contract.

But they either contract or they don't! There is no halfway contraction.

Think of them as a light switch.  They are either on or off.  There is no in between.  This is what the all or nothing principle means.

So to contract the abs lightly only a small percentage are turned on.  The harder you contract them the more turn on.

So you say, I just need to contract the abdominals enough times to stimulate muscle growth right?

Not so fast…

There's something else you gotta know…

The order of muscle fiber recruitment never changes…

What that means it is these fibers fire in a set order and that order doesn't change.  The first on to fire is always the first one to fire when (of course when the same stress is placed on the muscle).

So lets say you do a situp.  Let's say that situp causes the first 10,000 muscle fibers in your abdominals to fire to complete, and the other 500,000 in do nothing.

Lets say you do another set up…

Those same 10,000 muscle fibers fire again, but the other 500,000 still do nothing…

So do you see the problem here?  Do you see the ineffectiveness of situps?

In fact if you did a thousand situps the same 10,000 muscle fibers would fire until they completely burned out… only then would the other muscle fiber start to pick up the slack.

So training your abdominal muscles traditionally the only way you're going to stimulate deep muscle fiber growth it is if you spend countless repetitions and endure grueling ‘burn out’ workouts… burning out those muscle fibers to get to the deeper muscle fibers in the recruitment chain.

See the problem here?

  1. It's not very efficient
  2. Causes you to endure lots of pain.

And actually burning your muscle with lactic acid causing unnecessary soreness. Not to mention all that pain will probably cause you to quit training… (unless your some kind of sadomasochist).

But here's the deal… the muscle fibers don't get stronger or bigger unless you ‘fire’ them or stress them causing them to adapt to that stress.  This adaptation causes them to get stronger, more toned, or whatever label you want call it.

Bottom line…
six pack abs = stronger abs + lean body fat

So one key to six pack abs is to cause deep muscle fiber recruitment so those muscle fibers fire and stimulate muscle growth. And do that without first having to burn out the initial muscle fiber recruits.

The must be a way to stimulate deep muscle fiber recruitment without having to burn out the muscle fibers.

The good news is there is a way and something I bet dimes to dollars you'd never heard of or will never hear of anywhere else …

Wanna I know what it is?

Well, I'm going to be opening up a website where I show you just how it's done in a matter of seconds.

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